What could possibly be wrong when...


This is the second occurence where these indicators stayed ON..even when bike is off and KEY IS TAKEN FROM THE IGNITION.
Fuel light stays lit
Engine light stays lit
Temp guage stays lit

The bike started/ran fine; however Speedo/Tach/fuel guage were all flatlined clock/milege readout stayed at 8s / 0s the entire time..
lights and turn signals worked fine.

Until I could get it back home where I disconnected the battery. Once reconnected everything returned to normal operating procedures.
gen 1 (2006)

The fact that the power stays to the head unit with key out and off is a little strange. The bike operated fine right? So it sounds like a problem in the ecu???

If it was in the head unit it would go away when key is off cause it would have no power. Something is giving it power AND screwing up. What can give it power and mixed signal other than the ecu.???
Nah, yah have a cog stuck in the ignition switch. Spray a TINY dab of WD-40 in there and you should be good to go.