What color hump matches this Busa color scheme?


I think this is a black/silver color scheme off a 2003 Busa. Is that correct? Can someone point me a picture of this color scheme (Suzuki's site doesn't allow user's to view past year motorcycles like they used to) on a Busa? In the alternative, can someone tell me what color hump goes with this color scheme? Thanks :tounge:

S7RANG3R, Do you ever see any 40th Anniversary Orange busas over there? I still haven't see one in person, never see them in okinawa.
Here's a pic of my ride with the same color scheme as you mention.
Sorry, the hump isn't on it in this pic, but the hump is the same grey as the rest of the tail section.
That is absolutely correct. I also have an '03 Black/Grey Busa and until recently hadn't even put the hump on. Nice bike PureEnergy!
Thanks for the help guys :) I'm switching colors on my bike but the guy didn't have the hump, I was trying to figure out what I need :D
Hi Maoz, Here's one more pic of my bike I found that shows the hump installed on the color you were asking about.

Thanks BigBSBusa for the comments on my ride... Man, I love these bikes!