Went to a local Ride Now today...


And took some pics!!! There was a bike wash and best bike contest, it was a pretty nice turn out!

IMG_0227 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0231 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0232 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0253 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0230 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0267 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0238 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0354 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0277 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0292 [Desktop Resolution].jpg
Great pics bro! :beerchug:
So now I know where all the sunshine was today............south about 400 miles! Rained ALL day long up here in Stampede land! ARRGGHHHH!!!!!!
That first busa"the cvopper colored one" is pure sex and the american flag busa is awesome as well!