Went for a nice ride today!


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The weather was just awesome in Ohio today so we went for a little ride. Took some decent pics for you all to enjoy!


And this is why i need a hayabusa, underline the need. Cool photos man

Whats up with all these birds , im offended!
HAHAHAH that is great. I love the reply pics. Nice pics of the bikes though. Looked like a good ride and nice day.
I am telling Captain. LOL, I laughed my ass off when I saw Blas32's reply. This is a fantastic place with fantastic people.

Nice pics!

Don't be surprised if a few replies get deleted.
I am laughing so hard...people outside my office are wondering what the hell is going on.

You are a fine bunch of folks.....any of you think of running for President?
What did everyone drink this weekend?!  You guys are nuts today...nice weather for most of us (maybe not the guys in Florida)...too much fresh air gone to your heads!  :D