Well it's official


Well, my wife was officially sworn in today. I'm so proud of her, I just had to post at least one pic.

Congratulations!!!! Watch out!! Not only is she your wife but now she is the law! She can really bust you now!!
Congratulations Mrs. Higg! I know a lot of hard work, training and studying goes into being a police officer. You did it!

5-0 Genii (by marriage)

Like Wall said, you'll have to be careful. Now, not only will the officer write you a ticket, the officer will give you grief about it over dinner!
oh no, now she's going to learn how to interrogate you professionally. I can see it now-

"Let's go over this again.... Where were you 3 weekends ago?"

"I was at a movie"

"you said you were at a ballgame"

"I was at a move about a ballgame!"

"put your hands above your head!"

At least you dont have to worry about getting tickets, lucky bastard.
Congratulations ..... wow   that was a long time ago for me  just over 19 years... makes me stop and think......

Congrats to Mrs Higg My daughter is 8 she told me she wanted to be a police officer I asked her if she would let me go she said No way but I would only write you one ticket...:)
congrats to both of ya!!!

Now dont be playing with those handcuffs in the bedroom!!!!
congrats to both of ya!!!

Now dont be playing with those handcuffs in the bedroom!!!!
Congrats to you Mrs. Busahigg...And I know that Busahigg will now want all the benefits of being an officer's husband...Not only will he want to be handcuffed, he'll want to be frisked and search (although you should refrain on any cavity searches)...

But on the real...I have 14yrs with my current department and I just want to give you a bit of advise...Here female officer's generally have to work alot harder to get the respect of their male counterparts and I imagine it will be the same for you...The way to defeat that is to aquire as much knowledge about your profession, laws, policy and procedure and arm yourself for any potential attack...In other words know your shat...I believe that you will now be going in the a field training setting and you will have good and bad officer's that will be tasked with providing your street training...You can get pro's and con's from each pick out the good and leave the bad...You have a struggle before you and the road will not get any easier...You'll also find that you may have more internal problems that arise more so than the actual performance of your street duties...If you ever need or want to discuss any issues feel free to holla...Pray before every shift for protection and discernment and you will be an outstanding officer...  

Sorry to have been so long winded...
thats cool Higgy. Congrats to her.

And hey! now when you tell people your wife handcuffed you they won't look at you quite so strangley!
hope she doesnt get another pepper-spray incident soon!
####! You beat me to that one Cache. Anyway, congrats to Mrs. Higg and best of luck. First duty is to keep Higg's front wheel down on the ground. You're officially licensed to check him, so do it...CHECK HIM!!!