Well, i did it


Well, I bought one.  Finally got time for a test drive and WOW what a bike.

I was very surprised by the throttle.  Very responsive but not at all touchy.  I was worried about that.  Handling is alot like the Katana I'm used to (better, but real similar feel).  What a bike.  Silver/silver '02.

I also tried a Gix 750 for comparison and that is a very nice bike.  If I were all about twisties or track days, that'd be the bike.  It handled like nothin'.

Just thought I'd share my excitement.  Its gonna be a long weekend and few days while the loan paperwork goes through.  I can't wait!
EXCELLENT..... Glad to see that you can enjoy what we have been telling you about.....
Top choice mate,now you can understand what we all waffle on about.Ride fast but safe.
A Millennium Yellow C5 AND a Busa? You bastard! LOL. Seriously though, congrats and have fun![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Man, I saw the pics of your Z28, and I don't think I'd be that excited to pull up to you at a light. Nice, fast lookin' car.

I love the camaros in black with tinted glass. Mean lookin'.
Welcome to "THE" Owners Club!!! About the throttle - just wait 'till you get to breaking it in good - once you run up around 8k rpm and beyond: "Holy Sheet Batman!!!" Keep the black side down!
We wil be having rides through out the Summer..hope you can make one...or all.
Six years later and peeps are still congratulating the guy...LMAO Does he even still post here? I am dying laughing here!!
The real question is....drumroll....

Is he still waiting on the paperwork?