Well, i did it

Well, I bought one.  Finally got time for a test drive and WOW what a bike.

I was very surprised by the throttle.  Very responsive but not at all touchy.  I was worried about that.  Handling is alot like the Katana I'm used to (better, but real similar feel).  What a bike.  Silver/silver '02.

I also tried a Gix 750 for comparison and that is a very nice bike.  If I were all about twisties or track days, that'd be the bike.  It handled like nothin'.

Just thought I'd share my excitement.  Its gonna be a long weekend and few days while the loan paperwork goes through.  I can't wait!


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EXCELLENT..... Glad to see that you can enjoy what we have been telling you about.....
A Millennium Yellow C5 AND a Busa? You bastard! LOL. Seriously though, congrats and have fun![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Man, I saw the pics of your Z28, and I don't think I'd be that excited to pull up to you at a light. Nice, fast lookin' car.

I love the camaros in black with tinted glass. Mean lookin'.
Welcome to "THE" Owners Club!!! About the throttle - just wait 'till you get to breaking it in good - once you run up around 8k rpm and beyond: "Holy Sheet Batman!!!" Keep the black side down!


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Six years later and peeps are still congratulating the guy...LMAO Does he even still post here? I am dying laughing here!!

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