Bio Hazard

Do not buy this Busa! Last six of vin 600417. It is a 2002 silver/grey. Has a vary sorted history. Low miles good looking machine. Be not deceived!
Well, I will take a stab at a short version.
I bought this machine from a Nice used bike shop. It was 6 months old and had 620 miles on the clock.
It looked to be in excelent shape. It was a little rough running. I was told it was due to sitting up. They had a
Suzi shop put in new plugs, change oil, fuel, and injector cleaner. I was told it had 6 months factory warrenty left or I would not taken a chance on a machine that wasn't running right.
I called 3 Suzi dealers and asked about warrenty transfers. Thay all said the same thing,"No problem, bring it in, pay the fee and sign the papers. Done, right?
I bought the machine 1/23/03.
Two tanks of fuel later, still not running right. I ask Jcheese and a few others on differnt boards for advise. They were all kind and heplfull. Checked all the things suggested. no improvement. Marks getting suspecious!!
Called Suzi HQ in Socal to transfer warrenty in early Feb. I asked if they could give me the warrenty history on the bike. He said sure give me the vin. Then things went bad. He said " it has had a starter repair. He asked if I would take to a dealer to make sure all the "starter update" had been done correctly. Then he told me that the warrenty had been canceled in Dec 2002 because it had been sold at auction.
He said any bike sold at auction would not have a factory warrenty. Marks getting pissed.
Then he said he would look into the hard start problem to see of it was related to prior repair, if not I was S O L.

Lets skip ahead in time. Busa has now been in shop 6 weeks or so. Spring is slipping by, I am a few g's poorer and don't have a ride.
Mean while I have been trying to catct the owner of the shop I bought it. He is can't get a flight out oof Iran 'cause of the war. WTF. His salesmen asures me that john will take care of this when he returns

I go to retreive the machine. Remember, Suzuki asked me to take the bike in. They tell me when I go to pick it up that the factory wouldn't pay for the diagnosis time. That one one easy, I wrote on the repair order a note that I had brought it in at the request of ths factory and I authorized nothing. They were cool. They said it wasn't the 1st time Suzi had screwed them either. May I say at this point I have many freinds at the dealer level and Kaw Honda and Yama don't have the issues to this degree with warrenty.
Suzuki customer nonservice now hands me off to a Mgr. He finally give me some level of truth. [Early April]
He tells me the bike had been repurchased for customer satisfaction. It had broken the engine cases form the starter.
Took to long to repair so they bought it back.
I made a photo copy of the title. It shows no dealer transfers on it. Pretty sneaky. Now I pull the skins off and start looking close. Lots of missing and loose fasteners. Cooling fan held on buy one bolt! FN pissed now. I asked them to help me with documentation and to their credit they wrote a letter.
John gets back in town, I show him what all I found out in the past 2 months.
He wrote me a check for the bike. He may have senced I was ready to go to the matt for the 9 g's. I'm gonna say he is a decent guy. Not pissed anymore. It could hve been worse.
I took 2 people with me when ever I went to dicuss the purchase in January. Always have a witness. They would not put in writing about factory warrenty, they said because it was Suzu warrenty not their's. ALWAYS HAVE A WITNESS OR TWO!
Lesson 1
Don't buy it if it is not running perfect.
Lesson 2
If it is not in writing, better have a strong witness.
Lesson 3
Document everything, personal meetings, phone calls, ect.
Lesson 4
Call customer service, whatever make, with a vin to check on transfers of warrenty. Don't call dealers.
Lesson 5
Be suspecious of vary low mile machines.
Lesson 6
Don't trust titles. Evadently Suzuki doesn't have to show title asignments. this bike was tittled in the original owners name. It did not show the buy back, the sale at auction or the sale to dealer I bought from.

I am sure there is more to be learned. My new Busa is vary creamy.

So much for the short version. I did leave out many conversations with Suzuki or should I say jerk arounds. They could have told the truth in the beginning and saved me a lot of hassel. But in the end they stepped up to the pump.

End of story. Lets go ride.

<span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'></span><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span><span style='font-family:arial'></span>WHEW!!!!
good move... I went with Muzzys titanium and polished can.... lost 30lbs total! less weight, more power, looks good, and something to listen too on long rides...
Maybe i was "lucky" Bought a used 01 in April 02...had never been titled...hmm! It had a few showroom nicks and scrapes..
Dealer figured they couldn't sell it as "brand new"..so it turns out they "played with it at the dragstrip" Looked like one and half rear tires....in 2000 miles...hmm...ran perfect...rubber all coated the rear inner fender area.....hmm.....but she looked ok
and ran perfect..got a full year warranty...recieved new starter parts...free..works fine now...put 8000 miles on in 02
pure joy..probably got broken in hard and fast...she's a beast.
In the first few month's as i tore into the bike for service..
check air filter...hmm a K&N..is in there..oh and a one tooth smaller front sprocket...Turns out it was purchased at an auction...but since it was never titled i got the warranty..
The only "bummer" What et and mph did they get..i'll never know untill i go to Sacramento,Ca and see for myself...
Mines the one with Givi Bags and that huge windscreen...
If i get the Brock D clutch mods nines are possible..i hope.
Thanks for listening gang..have a safe summer..PaceMaster.