Wanna be a Pimp

?? No body want to be a Pimp today>>>>>>>>> c'mon Playaz  I know we got some unda cova lovaz out there ,let me hear ya holla>>>>>>>>>aight.

wouldnt it be BLING?!!! and PIMP would be to be lighter and faster?? or is it too early for me to think?
Damn Playa !!!!! Soundz like you need a shot of caffine to speed up the brain cell
. Who cares about going faster. Gangsta dont dance we boogie homie.
Seen one Busa that was complete from front to the back every thing was chrome. It lookded great, not for me but looked great.
Yeah that would be pimpolicious...but I wouldn't be able to ride that in the daylight at all. I like to ride...that would end up being at someone bike show somewhere. Nice thought though...but an overkill.
Aight fellaz I do agree some folkz do go ova the edge when it comez to chroming ;but I thought I share the link witcha if for future refference.
Dude....that's pretty cool!!

But, I think you missed a spot........