Chrome Shops, List Good ones and Bad ones

Thank you for all the info. I ordered my rims today. I ordered from Great price and 2 year warranty...yes 2 year warranty. If a business is going to give a warranty that tells me that stand behind their work. I talked to Josh and he has always been straight with me. Once the rims come in I will take pictures and give you my 2 cents worth :)
i sent some stuff to pppwheels and quoted me for 700 bucks, then got the bill for 2200 they held my parts rasnsom
I deal with a guy who does the chrome plating for ATC (ALL THINGS CHROME) and he gives me a hell of a deal. i had my F/R rotors polished, rear sprocket, rear hub, sprocket cover, F/R calipers, chain guard, misc nuts and bolts for 300.00. I won't deal with anybody else but him.
Ok, I see XXXchromeplating is one of the bad ones. What have you guys experienced to make them bad? I'm asking because I purchased a chrome swingarm through them (before reading this of course) and have yet to install it. It was packed good for shipping and it looks good but now I'm curious as to what makes them bad and if I should keep it or not.
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