Walter Wolf Livery


So I know a lot of us get nostalgic about bikes we once had and let go of. One of mine was my second bike, a Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf limited edition. While it was no busa, it was a great bike. I miss it. I sold it in '94 to move up to my first liter bike. Had I kept it it, not only would I still be enjoying it, it would now be worth several times what I sold it for.:banghead:

I've been thinking about painting (or more likely vinyl wrapping) my Gen1 in WW livery. It certainly wouldn't bring back all that 2 stroke Gamma goodness, but I think it might be fun to go retro --

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Walter Wolf livery, here's a pic:

What do you think, could this scheme be altered to fit the Gen1 busa and look good?

Although I have never heard of it, it looks neat. I used to have the VFR Interceptor. I think you could do a gen I busa, maybe use a wrap instead of paint.
I think it would look good as a WW(even though I prefer the stock blue/white gamma).

It would looks almost like the yosh tornado redo(except dark grey instead of dark blue).
So, supposing I want to do this, but would like the option of taking the bike back to stock, I'm thinking I have three options (FWIW, my current plastics are in great shape for their age, no cracks or rash, but there are a few rock chips and a couple of non rash related scratches here and there):

--1. Get a vinyl wrap done. Can anyone who has done this answer a couple of questions for me? First, how easy is it to remove, and how damaging is it too the paint underneath? Second, do the factory decals have to be removed prior to applying the wrap, and I'd not, will the wrap take them off if and when it comes off? Third, does every paint chip need to be sanded out prior to application? Finally, what would I expect to pay for the vinyl, and a talented guy to apply it?

--2. Buy used OEM plastics/tank/etc and get them cleaned up and painted. I have a great bodywork guy who is fairly inexpensive, very talented and could handle the work. I could help him with layout, etc. This seems to be about a grand on fleabay just for the parts if I piece it together with rashed but not cracked or broken plastics.

--3. Buy China plastics/OEM tank and get them painted by my guy. I've not read anything good about the stuff from China. Has anyone had any positive experiences with any vendor in Asia? My thought is if they fit, and I can get a season or two out of them, I can decide if I want to go back or not. If I don't, and the cheap plastics have deteriorated to the point that they need to be replaced, I can get my original OEM plastics painted and put them back on. If I decide to sell, I can provide both sets of plastics to the buyer.

--4. Buy new OEM... what, are you, crazy?:rofl: I have dug in the back yard, but not found any gold yet!

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.