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Would like to know what set up any of you guys might be using for a vid cam? My old 8mm vid cam has recently bit the dust, I made a spounge rubber craddle for it and duct taped it to the tank, actually worked not bad but its time to update equip. My friend Howlin Mad has a helmet cam. I think I would like to use a digital vid with the stem stand. But wondered what else is available. Aloha - Kent
I ordered one for my cam that bolts to the gas cap ring using the bolts that dont go into the tank. Havent got it yet, but it cradles the camera and looks very secure. Cost $70 plus shipping. The addy is to see it.

I hope it works out good.
it may sound strange, but try your local "spy shop" they usually sell equipment for survalence. the cameras are small and easy to mount to anything. keep it on your bike, and not in the girls bathroom
Call me a tech nerd, but how do you record from the vid? I am sure you don't have a VCR in a rucksack?

I guess my main Q are the following:

What do you use for power?

What medium for recording?

How do you get the "clocks" and the road infront on the screen at the same time?
usually the camera either holds a tape, or if its digital it records to a memory card(or somethign of the like)
I have an old ( 1995 ) RCA 8 mm video camera with rechargable batteries, tape is loaded from the top, and as I mentioned above I duct taped it to the tank and the view is through the windscreen and yes you can see the top half of the guages...
Mine works on a digital screen from the cockpit and records everything in front of me. Especially nutters. The camera is inside my headlamp lense

It's a bit james bond like

Sir UK, I dont understand your last post but sounds inetersting plz explain what you are using and do you know if the place you got it has a web site? and hows about posting some of your vid's or if ya want you can mail me direct

Well Hawaii I didn't get the helmet cam. Just ran out of bucks when I turfed the busa. I have been using the stem stand with my digital camcorder. Here is a pic for you to check it out. I will admit sometimes It get a little bumpy but most of the time excellent video.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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Not sure if the pic posted correctly. Sorry for the double post

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Hi ya Marc, how are ya? That set up looks good and I probly will have similar. Hope you get lots of pics & vid on your August ride. Have fun brother - be safe!
If you have videos that you would like to add to the videos download page then let me know and I can create you an FTP login to send the file to.

Just a reminder for all those crazies out there that send in videos. I would never condone tricks and stunts on the public roads, the dangers are just too great However if you have videos to send in make sure that your tag numbers are edited and you cannot be identified, I do not want to get any complaints from someone that there was a video taken of them and sent in with their tag showing. There has been several instances recently where the police have seized tapes off of bikes, or was able to identify other riders from a tape and charge them in criminal court. I do not want to accept videos that someone else could get in trouble for.