using race stands??


I have never seen a bike put on a "rear" race stand... can one person do it or will it take two, (one to hold the bike and one to put the stand under it?)
I have used a variety of stands. They were all one man operations.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Yes you can. I use car jack stands in my garage. They are cheap secure and easy to use. Just lean the bike to one side and pop the other side in as you are leaning the bike. Regular bike stands are a little harder but work fine with one.
Yes you can do it. The stand I got from Suzuki is a PITA because it is just millimeters too wide to get under the spool son the busa. On my wife's gixxer it goes right under and you can lift it right up. On the busa ya have to wedge it.

Getting the bike up is no deal. Getting it off a track stand by yourself is a bit of a pain. I ended up tieing a strap to the handle of the track stand so I could pull it up with my hands still close to the bars.
If you're doing it with the hump on, I would recomend taking the hump off and holding the crossmember that holds the locking mechanism to steady the bike as you tilt it straight up and when you take it back off the stand. Pull up on the crossmember and push down on the stand. Just my 2c.
brennanop if STUNNAH keeps lifting his bike up the hump will be on his back and not on his bike !!!! LOL Hey STUNNAH we know you can kick a$$,, but go easy on the carrying around the bike!!! We want to hear about you riding not being on the side with a hot pack on your back... LOL I think its the father coming out in me.....
Sowwy for my ignorance...but what is the use of the stand?
It's not ignorance Boo. This is exactly what this site is all about. Anyway, a bike stand is for raising the rear and/or front of your motorcycle to do mechanical work, cleaning, etc. They are really handy and a MUST if you own a bike. There are several different types and prices for stands, but they all basically serve the same purpose. I'll post a pic just for you so that you can visually see what we're talking about. BTW, I hope you don't mind me calling you "Boo?" That's just a habit that I have when talking directly to females. No harm or flirting intended O.K.?

Sorry 'bout that. Having some issues trying to post pictures. Anyway, go to Photo Gallery on this site and look under Member Pics. Click on the "10" for page 10 and look at the third bike on the third row. It's the red Busa with chrome all over it. I love that bike. My personal favorite.

Thank you very much Brian, I really appreciate it. I kind of had an idea, but wasn't to sure about it. Thank you for the patience, and no I don't mind you calling me boo!

Ok...I want to be able to do as much as I can on my bike for myself whenever I get it, so if any of you guys wanna give me some tips on anything related to them; you're more than welcomed to do so. Changing oil, chains, etc, etc, etc.

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