Undertails, let's see some pics.....


I did a search and not too many pics of aftermarket undertails at all. The only ones i seen were the Top Gun undertails. What other tails are there for the Busa. As soon as i get the Busa i am changing it. What are some good LED taillights to use?
Here is the Mototeck undertail. It has extra turn signals down along the sides. The LED tail lights are from ICEMANN who posts here. They rock! Very bright and have turn signal functions built in so that they will blink at a normal rate.

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Can anybody tell me where I can get the undertail this guy has? Does it come with turn signals built into the sides like that? I've heard some people call it the "HUGE kit" but I can't seem to find anything on the internet like that.
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That looks like a Competition werkes fender eliminator with the clear lenses on the mini stalks...

Also for another look at another tail.. Check out Texas Fairing.com The new Gunport is awesome.. I'm considering it but I am not sure where to mount the tag. There's also a guy here that sells some good looking ones at a good price..
Well I love the 2BRO's they have a unique sound, but are a bioch to keep clean.

The rim stuff is Rim Tape its cut and curved.
I got it in Japan but I think envisiongraphics.com or planetsportbike.com has it(it may be planetsuperbike I cant remember.
The tire are done with a paint pen.

Good luck
Thnx!!! I think I'll start w/ the home-made-tail. If I get rich, not likely, I go all out. For now it's stuff I can do in my garage or at the sheet metal shop on base.
I did the homemade. It took 3 hours only because I took my time.
Use a drymel to cut it and sand. The hardest part was making a bracket for the licsence plate.
Get a large L bracket from home depot. I drilled through the trunk with one bolt and attached the L bracket with a bolt, then used the stock mount that attached the plate to the fender and attached that to the down portion of the L bracket.


The rear lens is a MotoTek Clear with Clear LED's the emit a RED light. The Bottom part of the lens was clear, so I painted it semi flat black to match the frame.

You can also try Clear Alternatives, they are not clear, but are dimpled to create a frosted look. Both have WEB pages.