Undertail LED upgrade.


Well I am a little late to the party. I have owned my Gen 1 busa for years but have only recently really started modifying it. It seems the only two undertails available other than the cheap ebay ones are the Hot Bodies and Yani Shiki. I like the Yani shiki. But I have read that the LED's on them are very weak. I owned a HB undertail on a previous bike and it indeed had very weak LED's.

So what have you guys done to upgrade your Yani Shiki undertail LED's? I want crazy bright. I searched a little looking for round LED's that would fit. But any advice or direction would be appreciated.
You are not alone here, years back there was a company called Libertek, that made some incredible led tail lights.
But they are now gone, i have found these Led Cluster lights that work very well,
All depending how big your removable lenses are.
Here is the link, i hope it helps.

Motorcycle LED Light Bulbs
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here is an undertail thats different then hotbodies

any FL guys near hear? can you check em out
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