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:D I sure wish some of you's was here yesterday, I rode 420 miles on Sunday. From my house about 40 miles to Red Bluff and got on Hwy 36 to Eureka ( the coast ) 168 miles one way, had lunch and rode back. Allmost all twisties, just a few spots I got into triple digits. Passed NO CARS heading west and maybe about 6 coming back, and NOT 1 COP!

We rode parts of this hwy with the group coming down to Laguna but some of the best stuff we missed I experienced yesterday, amazing!


I passed a big group on Harleys... and saw 2 groups of Sport bikes. The Yammi guys were cool here at the gas station, invited me along on their next ride, but why is it every Duck rider I ever met give attitude? must be allergic to Busa's... :tounge:

And of course what ride wouldnt be complete with gettin wet & cold on the way home... very fun ride, you just gotta try it.

Grrrr...This stings...Being stuck in Florida... Hey We got Love Bugs and Straightaways... :tounge:
Nice pics....hawaii....

I rode about 200 miles yesterday and saw only 2 cops...amazing. In the cornfields of Northern Illinois...not as good as N. Cali though...not even close.

I have some pics coming on a disk....but I don't know how to post pictures on this forum....any insights for a techochanlleged busa owner on posting pictures?
Those are some awesome pictures, wish I was there to enjoy the ride!
Sounds fun Hawaii! Thanks for the pics...

As for the Duck owners...I think the Italian name is supposed to elevate them somewhat...don't know why...

I put my Harley out for sale in my in-laws front yard, right next to a red Ducati her boss is selling...I wouldn't trade the Harley for it! Naw...I won't be like that; it was a pretty bike...I don't have enough ego to ride it I guess?!

Glad you got out on such a nice weekend...and the rain heading home was to clean the bike... :tounge:
Awesome ride and pics, but most of all the wet busa was funny ... I got caught coming home on a short 100+ mile scoot the other day and thought the same thing ...would be an official riode unless i got rained on ---especially since i had checked the weather and knew it was gonna rain that afternoon! Only problem was I didn't hear the weatherperson say Torrential Rains lolol!
Excellent pics as usual Kent! I may have to try to get up there next summer!