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I'll go first and will be back to this subject alot this year.

Today ( 4-8-03 ) Left home about noon headed up to the mountains. Lots of twisties and some killer straights. Rode about 250 miles saw 150 mph twice. The only Cop I saw was in a little town I stopped for lunch. Its a little unerving to see a deer sign about every 10 miles. But the views were awesome! Streams, lakes, pine trees, melting snow, meadow flowers... froze ass off at 6000 ft pass.

I wish I could tip it in a bit more but am nervous about the unfamiliar territory. And stiil some gravel & sand on the road from snow melt I guess. Fun, fun, fun baby!

Route was Calif. hwy 32 from Chico to Chester then hwy 36 to Red Bluff, 99 back to Chico



So far I have really had a chance to get on mine(with the leg and all). But I did go about three miles last week just to see how it feels. Every time I thought about hitting the gas there was a cop. Maybe next week I'll try again.

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I got out Monday, and did the same canyon road I usually do. Never boring though! There's a few 100+ straights, and some 1st gear twisties. WooHoo!!


My first real "scheduled" ride isn't untill June 8. Although we have been out a few times, they have been short (120-130 miles), local, and un-eventful. There will be pic's posted at our website from every ride.
There are even some from the last couple. Off of the bike I've been busy trying to get an official club togather. Primarily for discounts into things like ProStar which is going to be in St. Louis on May 31 and June 1. We have decided to become a local chapter of an existing club, due to liability issues. Other than that, last week it was warm enough to ride to work 2 days. Then the weather took a dive again, but it's looking like Sat. and Sun. are going to be nice. Hopefully we will get at least a 200 miler in this weekend.




Last weekend I had my first real ride of the year 150 miles in 80 degree weather. I rode down the eastern NC coastline through small rural towns some straightaways, some curves, mostly just great site seeing on a scenic run with a few triple digit miles :smile:


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we need to get together and ride one of these weekends... i haven't explored that area of California yet. all i am waiting on is some good weather and a free weekend with out my kids. talk you soon.


I've got a funny one for you guys.

First a disclaimer, I'm a bike enthusiast through and through whom has nothing against Harlys. I'll own one myself whenever I get that far down on the wish list.

Okay, a couple of weeks ago my neighbor knocks on the door and invites me for a ride through Hawk's Nest State Forest, WV. Naturally, I drop everything, grab the wife and gear up to go. Just as we are getting ready to roll out this friend of his stops on his HD 1200 Custom (highly modded I might add).
So for the next hour all I hear is how bad this guys 1200 is and how much $$ he has in his engine.

After all of the grand standing and strutting around we finally climb on the bikes and head for the twisties. Since I was riding 2-up I just took the last spot and followed the other guys. First of all, I know cruisers are slow compared to sport bikes but the guy on the 1200C took lead and was going so stinking slow I could barely hold a line in the curves.... no look, lean and roll....it was more like brake, trail brake, trail brake some more! No big surprise here.

The best part of the whole ride happened on the way home. We took a shortcut by taking the freeway home. Along the way there were a couple of stoplights at intersections of little towns here and there. At about the second light this 1200C guy gets beside of me and starts revving at me. Funny thing is, I couldn't rev back if I wanted to, my bike has factory silencers on it. Anyway, I guess he thought he was cherry picking because I had this really quiet bike and a passenger on board.

So here's what happened when the light turned green.... I slipped the clutch and eased out so as not to eject the wife onto the pavement.... the 1200c made a whole bunch of noise and I could here him shifting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...that’s when I tapped on the wife’s hand (code for hang on because Bikezilla is about to wake up).... I shifted to second and pulled away like he was sitting still. Man, I didn't even shift to 2nd till I hit 75 and I was just gassing it enough in 1st deny him a pass.

That poor guy, for all of his arrogance, knew nothing about bikes outside of the Harley World. I almost felt sorry for him but he asked for it. I'm sure he didn't appreciate getting smacked down like that because he bypassed our next checkpoint on the way home...oh well, maybe next time he'll pay more attention to who and what he is riding with and chill out on all the bragging.

Moral of the lesson: If your bike makes more decibels that horsepower, don’t challenge a sleeper to a race.


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Right on Hawaii..Hy 36 rocks.....hope we can hook up in the future...see ya at Laguna..exchange phone numbers and such.
Maybe at Infinion..in may..03..gotta see AMA superbike..
Mladin on a 1000 cc GSXR.

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