Turned down Busa forks for DME Offset triple trees

Hi there,
does enyone know if i could mashine down the Gen2 front forks to 52mm like Gsxr 1000 forks to use with DME offset clamps that is 50mm top and 52mm down?
Is it safe? Or i have to buy and turn down Gsxr forks?
Gen2 Busa is 50mm O.D. top and 55mm down
Gsxr 1000 2006 is 50mm O.D. top and 54mm down.
Gsxr 1000 2007 is 50mm O.D. top and 56mm down.
But i don 't know ife they have the same inside diameter...
Hi mate , i cant answer your questions about the stock fork leg body thickness and structure strength , but wanted to ask you what your intended use of bike would be using these triples setup ? Just that I see streetfighter , so thinking a streetbike still for use ? I know it is hard to get some custom triples for Busa that aren't drag orientated or a triple clamp setup made for the Gen 1 not the Gen 2 like I own . The DME look trick for sure , and are certainly the kit for drag racing , I believe Macintosh may also make some setup .
Hi mate. I 'm building two bikes...
One is streetfighter turbo and one extra roller chassis for drag use only with the same engine..
I have Gen2 front forks and i want to turn them doun to 52mm at the lower triple tree for more lowering the front end...

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