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Ever since I got a busa, my secret goal was to have a 400-500 whp turbocharged busa. I have been contemplating the path I which to do this and I am considering buying an extra motor and building it myself. This will allow me to ride while building the motor and if I screw up, I will not affect my bike.

I have some experience with motors but this will be a learning event for me. I was looking for recommendations for parts in order to have a reliable 400-500 hp motor. I already know, fuel management, pistons, heads, and cams are in order as well as the Stage 2 Velocity kit w/ supporting mods. Is there anything else I need to look out for?
rods i like the carillo h-beam, je turbo pistons, cometic head gasket, spacer plate, heavy duty head bolts or studs, carpenter valve springs i use 60lbs, heavy duty output shaft, hv oil pump or oil pump gear, lock up clutch or heavy duty clutch spring...never hear anything bad about the stock crank, might want to do a search...
Stock crank works fine for up to 700HP. HD Valve springs, Pistons, rods, ARP has stock replacement (at least) and 12mm head studs and now stock replacement case studs, cometic head gasket, and HD output shaft on the tranny is all you need to maintain 500-600 hp motor. A Stock head and cams will easily make 500HP with the right turbo combo. I would suggest looking into an RCC intercooled system, instead of a Volocity stage 2 for a goal of 400-500hp.

Suzuki cranks are the strongest stock cranks out there. they should handle the power your looking for easily. my motor was built to handle well over 500 hp and heres what i have

JE Turbo pistons, carpenter 70lb valve springs, carrillo h-beam rods, undercut trans, had the head o-ringed which allows you to run more boost with less of a chance of blowing the head gasket. the only other thing you will def need is an upgrade to the fuel system. the stock fuel system is only good to 300hp. over that the injectors can "static lock" on you. the only other thing you may need is a billet output shaft. i didnt do that on mine cause im only running 9lbs of boost putting out 260hp. i know i went overkill on the motor but id rather overbuild it and be safe!!

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on sunday at rcc,i just made 524,and richard said it was smokin the tire..it is a rcc ultre kit,crower rods,je pistons,1/2 head bolts big valve springs,cut trans,big output shaft..if your not stuck on that velocity stuff,id give rcc a call or email..his support is 2nd to none,and hes proved on many occasions he can make the power!
I think the velocity stage 2 will give you 360hp same garret turbo i have unless you get bb turbo and that will take you to 430.if 500hp you want then yes rcc turbo with intercooler is what you may want.if going to race only then i get stage 3 race system.that turbo saves weight with out use of intercooler.
Thanks for all the input, I will be saving the reply's for my build. Never heard of RCC before, I thought Velocity was the way to go. I will definetly be checking them out.
yes velocity was the way to go few years ago lot of people use them.they won races with their stuff.like all new products that come out some things have their flaws.alot people have bad mouth velocity for cracks in headers and poor customer service.as for me i have not any issues with my system but with other minor stuff.if my turbo had fallen apart i would go with somthing else too.their stuff is great now and has proven their performance all over.
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