Need info on 2 intake cams for turbo

Im looking for anny info on the 2 intakes set up my motor has the 2 cams i dident check when i pulled motor apart and not sure what to do the cams are spot weilded and a bunch of marks on the end.allso im useing stock 81 mm new turbo pistons 8 7.1 replaceing stock pistons and the motor had a 80 thou plate do i still need to use the plate with the low compression pistons . If i dont use now my cam time is gunna need degreed thanks anny info will help
Not to sure i guess if Certin degrees are used im new to the busa motors my cams look like i can see the stock marks and its about 5 links from stock ya im not realy sure what to ask that will help me not crush valves i cant move the ape ajust sprockets thair weilded
I'm not trying to sound like an ass, but if you don't know how to degree your cams, take it to someone who does. I may be wrong, but it seems like you're in over your head. Cams need to be degreed if you're using a spacer plate to lower static compression. Eliminating the spacer plate would presumably require redegreeing them.


It sounds like someone before redegreed them with extra marks... You could at least check your 1 piston.... Make sure it's top dead center... Then see if new timing marks on plate is lining up with factory mark


With all due respect, this bike/build needs to go to a reputable shop. The questions the OP is asking shows that he has done minimal to no research, and we all know how this is going to turn out . . .
lol... u know whats scrary… he is in wappingers falls,NY… thats exactly the town im in.... OP... if ure reading this... PM me... I got a mild turbo bike.

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