Turbo Busa 02


This is for the turbo guys! Is it possible to install a turbo on my 2002 Busa without modifying the engine and of course without BLOWEING IT?

I need more power but I am not that greedy just enough to out run a stock Busa. I also would like to be able to cruise when I am not racing. Any feedback regarding turbo spec, cost, and where it can be purchase is highly appreciate.

Thank you, and wish you all a Happy New Year
absolutely. No problems at all. I know where you can get a Mr. turbo kit really cheap. Let me know.
Stock motor is very good. You do not need more motor work. You will need. aLL SYSTEMS FROM hAHN TO vELOCITY ARE GOOD. All systems need mods.

1. Blow off valve
2. Good tuner (or you will fry the motor) -5 or more timing.
3. Fuel Pressure gauge
2. Halmeter gauge
3. Boost gauge
4. Good gas
8. Intercooler or Aquamist system

Call TDC performance if any questions, No obligation in buying.
TDC Performance
Hey Ninja what happened with you and the place in Saco did you have some problem rwith them or your bike I have seen you have been using someone else for a while now
No problem with the guys in Saco at all. Went to a little more Busa specialists. Since TDC is in Florida. Just have not been up to Maine for a little while.
It's better not to leave the motor completely stock.  You should put a larger gasket on the head to lower the compression.  The motor will be safe then and you can turn up the boost without worry.

You have a hard decision to make about getting a turbo though.  There's a lot of different types out there and the way they make power through the RPM range.  I've had 2 different ones on my busa.

Hahn Racecraft Kit  - 282hp & 142 torque @ 8psi.   -  It makes power on a more linear curve (more rpm's - more power)

Another linear type of turbo kit offered is the Velocity Racing Kit.  They make nice kits (but without an intercooler or water injection on their basic kit).  
I do also own a GSXR-1000 and have a Velocity kit on it.  I have it at stock compression though, which means that I can't turn it up anymore than it is now without blowing it up.  I did dyno it out though at 6psi @225hp.  
Did some playing around (just for kicks) and turned it up on the dyno to 9psi.   The motor survived (I was lucky), but I wouldn't dare run it at that ( 262hp ).

MCxpress Kit  - 316hp & 211 torque @ 11psi.  -  It makes power that'll punch you in the face.  At 7,500 rpm's it makes max power which I stated above at 316hp.  This particular system has an intercooler, which alows you to stay in the boost during top end type of runs without damage to the motor.

Without a doubt, I'd incourage anyone to get the MCxpress kit over any other (its what I have on the bike now).   For what I do with a bike, it seems to be the best type for my certain applications....just having some fun kickin the hell out of people.

Dennis (themotorhead) did both my Hayabusa installs and tuning.  I'd take a bike to him anyday.