Trying to get airbox back on, 5hrs so far

Its a Gen 1 and i just finished fitting the nitrous spray bar in the airbox, all fitted back on but first time it would not sink home on to the throttle bodies, removed it and refitted, no problem but the hose from the breather looked like it may have been the problem, got my friend who was working with me to button it up ready for the dyno, fired it up and it was fine for a few secs then the throttle jammed a little, started it up again and it was rattling as if the timing chain was really loose but on 4 cylinders still, pulled the plugs and looked in with a boroscope and one piston looked quite marked....................................................the tiny clip hap pinged off the breather and gone down number 3 throttle and into the cylinder so now it all looks like this !!!!

serious bit of work going on..........i'd go for a custom filter setup ...stock box isn't really intended to allow such mods.
I did the airbox mod and fitted the spraybar with all short velocity stacks and it was all going so well !!!!!! Just goes to show how easy it all goes to pot, theres not much damage at all but I had to check or I would never have been happy with it, will prob fit a second inlet cam and skim the head a bit then throw it all back together and try and get it running by saturday.