Trouble shooting

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When I went to go check  my TSP it was off (at the top bar) after I turned the bike off (park position) I'm now getting a steady f1 indication in the clock area and a red flashing f1 on the console.   What givez , has anyone else experienced the flashing f1 light and how did you correct it.
Dont have a clue, but you could try switching the computer to service mode so it displays the code for the problem instead of "F1". I read about it last year, cant remember how to do it tho. I hope someone knows what im talking about.
Good lQQkn out my brotha(Odyssey) . I got it resolved by putting it in the dealer mode like you suggested early and the problem displayed as c42 a code and tps was off as well. I also got to give props to my partna up in NY on the Suzuki Hayabusa.Org site SSJBUSA who walk me through various trouble shooting stepz to narrow down the location of my problem.
I had to change my plugs and mine quit that. I know it sounds crazy. But after I did and it cranked once it hasnt been back again. It is FI for Fuel Injection i think. Hope it helps.