What's the difference between a TRE (or ATRE) and something like a PCIIIr? Are both benificial or just redundant? What impact does each separately or both together have on the performance of the bike?
the TRE is a Timing Retard Eliminator, makes the ecu think it is in 5th gear therefore eliminating timing retardation in the first 3 gears. Has other benefits too, eliminating speed limiter in some models....

PC3R is a unit that will re-map fuel and timing throughout the rpm ranges. More for tuning than derestricting.
Just got finsihed talking to a tuner that has done a couple of bikes for me. We are going to do a PCIIIr and a Yosh system on the new 'Bus. When I mentioned the TRE he brought out a cross and some garlic! What is the deal? Obviously there are cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing that the TRE does but his aversion to the product, based on his perception of what it will and won't do, was really strong. I got the impression that he did not feel he could effectivly map the ignition with the TRE in place.

Anyone have a similar experience?