Great forum:bow:,wonderful place to learn about the hayabusa & how to mod it to fit your needs.I have a new busa on the way,and have an exhaust & PCIIIr on order.Will I need the TRE or can the PCIIIr be used to change the ignition retard in the gears that need a change? or do any need to be changed? Thanks, Mark  
The PCIIIr can be used to set up the fuel/ignition mapping for the pipe of any other mods you may do later. The TRE just removes the speed limiter by fooling the computer into thinking it is in 5th gear and not 6th. TRE's are not necessary, but on my 01, it smoothed out the throttle and made it a little more responsive off the line.

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I do not think a TRE is necessary. From what I have read on Brock Davidson's site it will actually slow your times down in the 1/4 mile but will feel really good for the first 5 feet of the launch. I guess trial and error will get your answer, it cost a hundred bucks for the smart TRE. Give it a try and let us know your opinion... You will not need one if your PC is correctly mapped except if you want to reach speeds of 186mph plus.
Thanks for the response guys,but I still do not understand,can the PCIIIr make a timing change for individual gears, or will the timing changes it makes affect all gears the same? For example could a PCIIIr be used to advance the timing below 4k rpm in 2nd & 3rd but not 1st? Thanks again.