PCIIIr ATRE do I need them both?

Busa Sweden

I have a problem to solve.

I have a 03 stock busa and is about to get some mods running. I have been told that there are ignition restrictions on the first three gears between 1500-5000rpm with -5 degress and 6th gear topend due to topspeed restriction. If i get a ATRE I can not make changes to the fuel settings but I can set what gear to "re-ignite". My PCIIIr can change the timing but not by gear, only by rpm, so if I change the timing in the 1500-5000rpm area with +5 degrees it will also add 5 degrees in all the other gears where I not have the timing restriction/problem.

My conclusion is that I must have a ATRE to fool the ECU in thinking that my bike is in 5th gear all the time (this is the TRE that don't change the neutral map) and then I can make any fuel or timing change with my PCIIIr.

Have I brainstormed to much?

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Ok! I must have a ATRE to make my gears alike before I can make any changes in my PCIIIr. Some people say that the PCIIIr makes the ATRE useless because you can make the timing changes in the PCIIIr not completely true after all.

you can make changes to the timing with the pc, you just can separate out the timing changes for EACH gear. It does it by rpm of the motor.
ATRE is for maximum speed restriction removal. You will most likely not need it often. The Pc IIIr will take care of the rest. they are totaly different things. Look in search under TRE and ATRE but read it all there is some mis-information in the threads also.
I got this today from Dynojet Research:

The PCIIIr timing map is not gear position sensitive.  It reads RPM and throttle position.  If you advance the map then the area that you advance it is will read in any gear.

If you have any other questions please let us know.  Thanks.

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It is clear, I need a ATRE to get the timing right on the first gears since the PCIIIr does not by gear it is rpm/throttle reading.