GIPro w/ATRE Gear Position Indicator ??


OK, I'm a little new here so be gentle with me please.
I have become spoiled by my GSX-650F's gear position indicator.
Now that I'm riding a 'Busa I am tired of attempting to shift into 7th gear and sputtering at low speeds into parking lots.
The "GIPro w/ATRE Gear Position Indicator" seems to be the answer and from what I have read so far a lot of you out there have them and love them.
I want to not only be able to tell what gear I am in but also want to be able to roll in at low speed without having to rev the engine and tickle the clutch. My question is this this, which model GIPro w/ATRE Gear Position Indicator do I get, how do I set it or which mode should I put it in and how do I install it on my 2006 stock bike??

Also, I need to hardwire my radar detector. Where is the best place to tap 12 volt power, it's a single wire connection to the Valentine1 detector??


I have developed a GPI that goes behind the tach.
I am working on incorporating a smart TRE into this as well.
Seems like it might solve both of your problems.
Email me for more info: rudy at echobasegroup dot com

As for a source for power, I would go right to the battery through it's own fuse.

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