Touring question


Who makes a taller bus windshield...I will be using mine to commute about 80 miles one way to work. I would like a little more wind protection as I am over 6'.

Also, who makes a good throttle lock for it too.

I have seen the seat ideas and think I am going to opt for the gel.

Thanks in advance
Lockhart makes a "Double Bubble" windscreen and a "Sport Touring" windscreen for the 'busa.

The best throttle lock out there is the Throttlemeister, but it's pricey. I've never tried fitting a Vista Cruise or one of its clones, though that should also work well.

I have heard that gel seats turn into bricks when it's cold out and turn into frying pans if the bike is parked in the sunshine on a hot day. Just something to think about. I have seen gel pads that you can strap over the stock seat, then carry into the office with you to avoid the frying/freezing problem (the straps have velcro on them, and the pad velcros to the straps).
Check out Zero Gravity's Sprts Touring screen. Tall, Lot's of wind protection etc. If you cannot get past the looks of it check out their double bubble as well.

Also, PowerBronze, Pyramid. Make Double Bubble screens as well, though the ST from Zero Gravity will probably be your best bet for real wind protection...