touchy subject


Hoping I can get some answers here........Im from Australia and some time back I ordered and paid for a set of gen 1 engine cases which had all the oil mods done and ARP half inch studs..... from my last email with the vendor they were ready to be sent and we were working on some way to get them to Bonneville so one of the ausie teams could bring them back this is where it gets touchy and im at a loss of where to start and how to proceed ..... The person I was dealing with was Bill Warner who very sadly and tragically passed away last year......I have no idea who to contact to finish the deal ......I have left it this long out of respect and not wishing to appear hard or callous BUT I don't want to be out of pocket either .....any help would be appreciated.

PS im a long time LSR salt racer and am known by some LSR MC community in the USA placing this message on several message boards as I have hit a dead end on how or who to contact.