"Bill Warner Mr. 311" Memorial Decal Donation.....proceeds go to his family!


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Bill Warner Memorial Decal Donation info and link

"To the world he was Mr. 311, to those fortunate to meet Bill Warner he was more than just a number".

I despise the "why" this decal exists though it has helped the Warner Family underst...and why Bill loved LSR, the people. The Warner Family has been overwhelmed by the generosity and compassion of the LSR community, we call it "doing what we do".

Here is your chance to donate to the Warner Family and own a Bill Warner Memorial decal for a $10 donation. I am dealing directly with the Warner Family and the proceeds of each decal will be hand delivered.
The decals are 5.5" wide and 3" high made from the highest quality vinyl, strong aircraft adhesive (for those blazing LSR runs) with a UV laminate to last outdoors for years. Quality and attention to detail, just as the legend himself would demand.

A donation of $10 covers postage for any quantity of decals. I will ship one (1) decal for each increment of $10 donated. Any amount in excess of increments of $10 will be considered a donation to the Warner Family. International supporters are encouraged to add a dollar or two to assist in the added fees. I will begin shipping early next week though it may take me a day or two after payment to get your decal mailed. Sorry, but Bonneville is less than two weeks away!!! I will have the decals and limited edition patches (see the separate post on the patch) at all the Salt events and if there are any left, Ohio and Mojave. I must thank my best friend John Brady for his donated time and talent creating a decal that encompasses all that was Bill.

PayPal Donation link-

Scott Horner is the point of contact.


OH, and like Ketchmi Said....YES, This is a Very Good thing You Are Doing. Thank You For All Of Us!!!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


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A few people have asked how far they will ship. Scott is shipping them worldwide! :thumbsup:

If you would, please include a little extra donation if you know it's going to be expensive to get one to you.

Thank you... :beerchug:

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