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Thought this bike movie was coming out in May, but now they say 4th quarter. Sounds like a better plot than Biker Boys, but still pretty formulaish.

You can read about the plot at Torque.

Here are a few pics:
Yhea you know as bad as it can be, we will all go see it anyway. The Biker boys thing sucked. I am ashamed that i went and seen it, but I did.

MATRIX looks like some good bike senes.
Saw the Matrix last night and was cool .....

motorcycle part was pretty good even though she was on a 996 Duc.......the movie was cool but kinda sux ya have to wait till november to find out the final end ??

but only like 6 months not couple yeas like some movies.....
cube on a triumph.. pretty cool... bet the movie sucks balls.

..err ball bearing.. i bet it sucks ball bearings.

when asked if he would watch Biker Boyz, replied. . . "Uhhhh.... no".
I think I'll wait and see what you guys have to say about this movie too. I still haven't seen Biker Boys yet because it hasn't been on cable yet! True!
fast and furious 2 should have some good motorcycle scenes. Kyle "my main m0 fugg3r" Woods and Brock Catranio from Triplextreme.net did alot of the stunting work in that movie. Also, kyle plays a cop in one of the chase scenes!

I hope they have some good motorcycle footage in that movie. They owe it to use considering the flood of "sport compact pieces of junk" driving around now.

Cant they do anything right in hollywood?