Top Speed For A Givi Top Box


So got a Givi box attached to a genuine Givi mounting frame on my Busa for my daily to work and back.

I regularly exceed 150mph on the motorway on my way home (not for long though and if the road is clear enough and just a bit of enjoyment so no comments on I shouldn't be doing it!) So am wondering on how this box would stand up?

Givi B27NMAL Top Box

Can't seem to find out any speed specs for it.
Getting back to the original post....I would think @c10 would say the top speed for a Givi top box would be 200mph...


Just had a delays thought...
I use the Mersey tunnels every day and have to squeeze between the 2 lanes of cars and then on the way home about a mile of standing traffic down the middle again so side luggage would severly hamper me doing this :-(
Looks like the TB is going to stay.

Berlin Germany

speed specs :

here in gemany the (givi, sw moto, and so on) owners & installation manuals recommend max 130 km/h ~ 80mph for top and side cases.
no idea why so slow - my "givi" 40 liters (~12 gal) topcase on SW rack - for Gen I - (massive alu) & adapter took 290 km/h (at speedo) with no problems.
and our law, so far i know, says nothing about this .
so what :-)
I never more care for that snail speed when i´m in hurry sometimes ;-)

but I have to do a small restriction.
the tiny delicate tubes of the sw racks - for Gen II - seem to me too thin for speeds over 100 mph
- I just do not really trust them.
- two of those racks i already had to weld. :redface:
- in the past - at gen II - i saw differnet times "jumping / teetering" top cases - looked not really funny. :redface:

the rear seat conversion to case holder looks as the most stable version - especially for gen II.

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