Tl1000 hot rod


i was parking at TGI Fridays while a TL1000 was pulling out. i thought that i was loud eventhough i just have the yosh slip ons. he totally drownded me out. i thought that there was a rocket ship next to me. it was loud and MEAN. what mod could have done that?whatever it is that is my next mod.
Those V-twins can be very loud with free-flow exhausts. Get a full race system if you want loud. You still won't be as loud, but you can come close. I strongly suggest adding ~$200 to the price tag to get it properly dyno-tuned, plus the cost of a PCII (or PCIII if you have a 2002).
Harley's sound LOUD and MEAN also?
did not sound like a harley. there is no way that just an exhaust did that it was making my ears hurt and i had my ear plugs in.sounded like a hemi with open headers.
Trust me, it's just the exhaust. You have almost 500 cc's moving through each pipe on the TLR, whereas only about 325 cc's on the busa. Just free the flow and you can easily pop your ears without doing anything more to the engine.

Personally, TLRs sound best with stock exhausts, but that's just my opinion.
Twins are notoriously loud.  Your pushing 1 litre out of two cylinders and the pistons are like small pie plates.  Take a any twin (Harley reference goes here
)and put straight pipes on.............whoa!
Twins are also notoriously torquey with excellent low to midrange power.

I was considering a twin when shopping the busa but when taking into consideration all factors including cost (916/996)chassis dynamics (Tl/TlR)and riding position (RC51)  the Busa was a hands down winner.  Besides 1300 cc through 4 pistons is a lot of rotational weight hence........torque and roll on power was more than just appealing.  I have a 4 into 1 Yoshimura trioval full Ti race Yoshimura are known to be relatively quiet.      Well, one day I was doing some tinkering and removed the can...................Was like the the Audi pit at LeMans.  The sound was amazing.  She idle rather quiet but give a little twist and  WOW!.  Told the wife to come over while she idled and then gave it a twist.  She almost jumped out of her skin.  I laughed my Azz off.   When  the can is on she is relatively quiet until about 4500 rpm and then she gets throaty....but still not obnoxious.  If you want that Tl idle and roar,  ya have to get a twin.  

That Tl roar fades awful fast when you merge onto the interstate though????????????
thanks guys. there is no way that i am going to get a twin i am too happy with my busa and right now i dont see anything that will change my mind.