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:super: We have had bunches of posts on tires... however since mine are gettin real close to replacement time I thought I might toss it out again. What have you found that u like best?

I had the BT56 stock and am now on my 2nd set of BT010's

I like the 010's way better, I can slip and break loose the rear when straight line punchin the throttle no prob, but have never had the rear break loose when leaning. I like the predictability...

Your thoughts plz... :type:
Good grief, Mon! Why would you EVER was slip and break loose?? I have new 208 and I hate it. Others love it. I hate it cus WHENEVER I hammer the throttle it breaks loose. I'm not used to that and I hate it. Yes, I've even warmed them up. Last weekend, 5 hour hard riding, I could PREDICTABLY loose traction and that did not look good seeing as I was riding with 2 12R's and one other Busa. BLEAH!

Will go to Pirelli, Metzeller, or Michelins next. My $.03 worth
I just put on my 2nd BT-010 after about 2800 burnouts but a lot of roll-ons and wheelies. I am about 1500 miles away from putting on my BT-012 for the front. I am about 3 rears to 1 front. I like the way the tires handle and the price is not bad.
Thanx guyz, thats what I mean it's hard to say what one person likes over another. wwjd I am surprized about the 208's and no I dont necessarily like the slip but it is predictable and that I like. And I tend to keep the rpm lower in the twisties cause for me there is NO SLIPPING ALLOWED in the turns. :) :eek: :D
Omar! whats up brah! Cali is fun... I'll be home in Dec check u out den, couple cold ones maybe? - Kent