Tie down?


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Hey gang, I have picked up a steel shipping crate frame from the Suzuki dealer for the Busa's oversea journey. It has a couple arms that swiing out and attach to the frame of the bike. I also want to strap it down to the frame front and rear. So the question is for those that transport or trailer your bikes from time to time, where or what do you run the strap through on the Busa without damaging paint or finish?

Also any other suggestions on packing? After Bike is secured to the frame I will be building a crate around it. Should I cover with blanket? Shrink wrap? foam padding? When the bike arrived, a piece of styrofoam was "protecting" the left panel and with all the vibration of transport ended up sanding a spot through the paint about the size of a quarter.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Most crates remove the front tire and it bolts to that like a bicycle on a roof rack. I use a canyon dancer. It mounts to the grips and keeps the tie downs away from your bike. Ask your dealer for them, they are great.
I trailer my bikes frequently and used to use canyon dancers; however, I found they molested the grips over a long haul. I have since switched to soft-ties around the lower tripleclamp and frame (under the seat). They hold the bike securely, don't mar the paint, and the grips don't get pushed around. You do have to be careful with the tiedowns touching the bike though. Best of luck!
Last time I crated my bike they had a wheel stand already built into the crate. It held the front and the back tire. Now around town I use regular ratchet style tiedowns with two double looped soft straps to go around the handle bars. There are some sheep skin wraps out there that do the same thing only they protect your bikes finish also. I think you can view a set here. Many styles to chose from.
When I trailer the bike I use the Canyon Dancer bar harness. http://www.canyondancer.com/

With the front end of the bike tied down it will not move.  I also use a wheel chock to keep the front-end from sliding.  I use the soft tie loops around the rear foot pegs to keep the bike stable.  The rear is not strapped down tight, just enough to keep the bike upright.