FedEx Freight destroys Hayabusa!!


I recently sold a wrecked Hayabusa on ebay. The guy who bought it lived in Canada. I carefully crated the bike and extra parts. The crate was constructed of 2x4's, 1x2's, and 1/2" partical board. I constructed it as a pallet to be easily lifted by forklift. The bike was secured with three ratcheting straps and all extra parts were bubble wrapped and packed securely in the crate. Upon taking the crate to FedEx Freight I filled out a bill of lading and paid for shipping. After two weeks, I received an angry email from the buyer, the crate had not left St. Louis! I went back to the trucking company and was informed there was a 25 question form I had to fill out for customs. Thanks for calling!! It was finally on it's way. Well, I received an email yesterday from my buyer. The crate was destroyed in route. The bike was laying on it's side. The extra rear fairing was broken, the other heavily scratched. The radiator tabs broken off. Both fairings cracked. The new exhaust, no longer in bubble wrap, taped to the top of the bike. Basically, completedly destroyed! My buyer is not angry with me, as he can see I had carefully crated it. I'm not sure how he intends to handle things with the trucking company, but I'm pissed reguardless. I only used them because ForwardAir doesn't go to that part of Canada. Stay away from FedEx Freight!!!



To be honest, I don't recall. I don't think so. I presented the option to my buyer, but the logic was the thing was already wrecked. What's the worse that could happen? Guess now we know. It's not my problem now, but I still feel bad for the guy who bought it.
Usually all claims have to be made by the person that shipped, not the one that received.

I'm not sure about Fed-x, but UPS is still liable for damaged contents even if the shipper did not insure it.
Tell us about Forward Air. Are they good for shiping bikes? Are their prices reasonable? do you have any contact information?

That sucks! But you need to check with the freight company because they carry insurance just for this kind of accident !!
Foward Air has a great reputation for shipping bikes and having reasonable pricing. You can get there contact info on the net. The buyer hasn't told me if he wants me to try filing a claim with the shipper or not yet. I'll keep you all posted as this progresses.
Thanks for the heads-up, cause I was just sitting here thinking about shipping my bike to Cali to get some work done.
Memo to self: do not use fedex freight.

Sorry to hear about your problems. I only use a bike/Antique car shipper anymore. They go all over the country and in many cases are no more or less then common shippers.