Ticket in Texas-Dismissed


Hey ya'll just some information somebody might find usefull to try...I got a ticket around Groom, TX (Near Amarillo)over the Chrismas/New Year holidays for 11-15 MPH over the speed limit. On the back of the ticket it says something to the effect of "You must submit in writing your intention to attend a drivers safety school blah blah blah by the date of your appearance" you get the idea. So I send them a letter saying per the back of the ticket I will be attending the drivers safety course. They wrote me back saying that since I didn't have a Texas drivers liscense that they could not send me to school BUT I could get what they called a deferal. This basically means that I can't get a ticket in TX for 30 days and after that the original ticket is dismissed (woot&#33
its a little more expensive though, not sure how much the drivers schoold compares but here were my costs.
original ticket = $115.00 did not have to pay
deferal fee= $255.00 (paid) pricey but nothing on my record

hope this helps somebody out

Hear in Texas they call it Deferred Judification.  If you receive a speeding ticket you have the choice of attending a driver safety course or having the ticket deferred.  If you choose to defer the ticket you cannot receive another ticket in that city for 90 days.  As long as you don’t receive another ticket, it will not be reported.  

At one time I had three speeding tickets in three different cities at the same time and they were all deferred (nothing on my record).  The kicker was that none of the tickets were issued while I was riding the Busa and that’s when I do my real speeding.

Deferred Judification is a way for cities to make money from speeders.  If you play you will pay...
I don't think you will get a point on your record from out of state tickets.
Last year I got two in a row in New Mexico. 4 hours apart. I paid the bail amount and never heard a thing from it. They try to over charge you for everything out here.
Grey Davis is making our kids pay for his mistakes.
That's cool but you paid just about the same as if you had enrolled in a safety course...Either way no points...Bottom line dismissed...