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Interesting page there. As for this statement:

"Anyone happy with FRAM motorcycle filters are probably as well off using the FRAM PH7317 or PH6607 for about $3. However, several comments across the internet recently indicate that FRAM filters may not be as well made as the rest and perhaps should be used as a last resort. However, I have not verified that and it is entirely possible that they have the best filters. But I personally will not be using them."

I would note that in the mid 1990's there was a horrible accident at a road race and it involved at least one death. The final culprit causing the crash was a FRAM oil filter. It was moto-specific, and it seperated - with the outer shell coming off and the actual filter element and threads staying on the bike. It was safety wired to the bike also. There was a massive spill of oil and the bike with the FRAM filter crashed, along with several other bikes. This really happened and was well documented in RoadRacing World & Motorcycle Technology Magazine. Since that time every motorcycle roadracing governing body in the US had made FRAM oil filters illegal for competition. This ban has not been lifted, that I am aware of, as of now. Simply put, I would never use a FRAM oil filter for a motorcycle.

Currently, I use K&N oil filters on the Busa, and they have a neat nut welded on the end making install and removal easy. The nut is also pre-drilled for easy application of safety wire, a very wise move for ANY BIKE, no matter if its raced or not (also oil drain plug).



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gararnett, what is the part number on that k&n filter, because I hate going to the dealer and I don't want to use a fram.


K&N part no. for Hayabusa oil filter: KN 138

It may also come in chrome, but I don't know what that PN is.
Hope this helps.


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