This just hit my area last night...

We had bad thunderstorms move through. It has been raining every day for over a month here. Flooding is daily.


Photos: Pretty Prairie Damage - July 23 -

I just learned that my home town got trashed last night. I am anxiously awaiting to hear from my friend that still lives there. here is a link to some photos of the damage. it looks like the straightline wind blew over most of the large trees. snapped them off at the trunk. the town is a complete dissaster. the police have the town blocked off to keep gawkers and the unwanted from entering town.
i bet when those hit your house at terminal velocity, your heart would jump out of your chest. Man i couldnt imagine the sound of grapefruit hail hitting your house.
I am on the south side of Wichita. We had some high winds but no hail. The winds were strong enough to blow a big propane grill around.
I still haven't heard from my buddy in pretty prairie, his phone is probably dead and I bet they won't have power for about 2 days
had a lot of that up this way as well just not quite as big east side of town got hit with baseball and a little bigger lots of damage everywhere on that side of town . but nothing on my side of town but some rain
South Wichita also. It was raining and blowing hard enough to push water through my front windows. Never seen that before.