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Due to some recent events taking place over at the evolution debates thread, I'm thinking of getting a new bike. I'm thinking I'm evolving into a different breed of a rider... I would like to get this one...
SuzukiCyckes Link Broken
SuzukiCyckes Link Broken

or this one...



What do you Ladies and Gents say...

Just don't make your decision based on looks...I would ask what the primary purpose of the bike is and go from there..
Just don't make your decision based on looks...I would ask what the primary purpose of the bike is and go from there..
Thanks for the input Stunnah. It's just something that keeps on running through my mind, don't get me wrong, I'm in Love with the Busa regarding the power delivery on each gear, the looks, and the overall comfort.
The reason for a downgrade to a 600 or the 750 is because I'm at a phase were I wan't to try something new. But then again, I might be having one of those days...
I went through the same thing recently. Test rides on a K5 Zook, an '05 ZX10 and an '06 GSXR 750 convinced me to stay put. The advice above is perfect. Comfort, whatever style you ride, and most importantly (IMHO), whatever style of rides are most fun for you should dictate what bike you have. I like the slow technical stuff but fast medium-tight to open sweepers is what I love, and I think the Busa is second to none in that. Besides, on a comfort scale, only he ZX10 came close, and it was absolutely twitchy in the fast stuff. I know more saddle time would help that, and I must admit that the Kawi is a very impressive bike. Not good enough for me to make a change, though

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After owning a busa, i just dont think that i would be happy going to a 600 or 750 simply because of the loss of acceleration and power. If i were to "down grade" it would have to be a 1000!
i call it "Devolving"...classic symptoms?

Dude finally gets a bike that's perfection on as he11...powerful and comfy yet still rails...but then?...he puts a few years and miles on it and the bug hits....and suddenly?...his hypersport/tour just isn't nimble he rushes out to buy that latest tech the RR world has to offer...and omg!'s so much lighter!'s so much quicker!...dreams of trackdays....fantasizes of going up against hayden and yates...then stuffs his $10K 600 in turn 1 on session 2 of his first track day...posts pix of busted up plastic...everybody says...awwww.....poor you....

Here's a thought...keep your busa....and buy a ratted out SV650....then do a track day....then?...return to reality.

L8R, Bill.
I agree with Bill but with a slight change not at all based on cost. Keep the Busa and get the gsxr600. If you have the "bug" and don't get the 600, you'll always be wondering, which really keeps you from completely enjoying your busa. Get the 600, do some track days, and if you don't like it sell it and chalk up the loss as a training/learning expense.

Kind of hard to learn how to ride fast on a bike that's either going to punish every mistake you make with theatrics or compensate for them to keep you from learning.

I heard someone say 'used SV650'

When you're comfortable on one of those around a racetrack, the supersport will be -much- more enjoyable than if you'd started out on it.
Thanks for the advice Gents... we will eventually see what happens. Like I stated earlier on the thread, I'm totally comfortable on the Busa, I mean it's just an amazing machine but the "bug" has definately bitten me, ouch... I've ridden my buddies SV and also a Triumph 600 and of course the power and comfort is not present as it is on the Busa, by far the Busa blows these bikes away.
Get the clutch cover and starter fixed....then run her nekid

Do a couple of trackdays on the Busa and see if it'll soothe yer appetite.

I've been tracking for a couple of years already and I know what "I" need. I plan on getting my WSMC and WERA licence next year and there really aren't too many classes for the Busa. The Busa is a great all around bike but it isn't my first choice as track weapon.

When I jumped on an Gixx K6 couple of months ago at Fontana, I was immediately 4 seconds quicker 1:44's vs my Busa 1:48's and riding the crap outta her. The 1:44's on the AMA Configuration already puts me in Level 3. I personally feel with another year on a liter or smaller bike I can improve my lap times dramatically. But that's pretty much a given.

Only reason I won't be able to keep both bikes is cost. Race body work, parts bin, racing fuel, etc gets quite costly and eliminating a bike I wont be using much or at all will help me out financially. I do plan on doing almost 100% of my riding at the track competing and doing track days. So keeping a streetbike wouldn't make too much sense for me.

Good luck on whatever you do. Oh, and check out Lots of good info there.
Do what YOU want to do. You can ask all the advice you want from the board, but in the end, it's your money! I made the switch from a Busa to a 06 1K Gixxer and couldn't be more pleased. I'll admit, the Busa was a great sport-tourer and 2-up rider, but I just have an all around better time on the 1K... It's all personal preference. Good luck with your decision!!! Whatever it is, at least it's 2-wheels!!!
R-1 Raven all day long . Oh dont use the looks i forgot .Then it would be GSXR 1000