Fell in love twice today


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Beautiful day for a ride in Florida, headed out to an out of town stealership. Came across (luv # 1 today) a black M50. First time I've seen an all black one ('07) and I thought it was very sweet. Ergos (for a cruiser) felt great, look was perfect. Like everything about it...except...have to wonder if it's got enough ass. It's only what, 800cc. Granted I wouldn't be racing anyone on it but after the Busa, wonder if I wouldn't feel it was lacking very soon after buying it.

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Anyone own or ride an M50 and care to comment on the power.

Riding home today, I look behind me and there's a silver Kawi came up me out of nowhere (Heading south 441), I stopped at a light. I was just out easy riding and thought "ah crap, here we go". Everybody wants to run you on busa it seems.

Light goes and I hit it mildly go up to about 70...to my dismay this person goes around me in a non-chalant manner and contiues to accelerate to about 90-100 (speed limit is 65) and as I look...it's a chick  
. A very nicely shaped chick on the one of the smaller ninja's just hauling ass.

Of course I accelerated and rode with her for the last 20 or so miles into town, never dipping below 90, gurl had skills, rode fast but safe.

I gotta say, a fine looking woman with her own bike that can ride is sexy as...
 and not only ride but kick arse doing it.

To bad I didn't get a name....ah alas, she went left with a friendly wave and I went straight.


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I dont have anything about the M50. But on the girl I can agree. Nothing is sexier than a nice looken gal that knows how to ride and owns a croctch rocket! I knew a gal in Florida that had a Black busa and wow was she sexy.....to bad she was married


My brother in law has a C50 and think's it is woefully underpowered. His best friend has the M50 in the pic. He agrees on the power. They are both in the 250lb range.
The only thing I dont like about the M-bikes is that back fender. And the blacked out is way cool.


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(heavybusa @ Sep. 30 2006,16:54) I like it!!

Where is the pic of the chick!!
she was going to fast for me to take a pic

But I sure wish I had one


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I don't know any sexy chicks on Bikes. I know some girls who ride but they are scary ugly!! We are talking almost guy looking here. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.


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My buddy has an 05 M50 all custom and it is way too underpowered, even with an air cleaner and pipe kit. Go for the M90 at least. I rode his girlfriend on the back of it once and it felt like the clutch was slipping that is how underpowered it is. However, it still has almost as much HP as a Harley. LOL. It just doesn't have the Torque to go with it.


lucky for me we have pleanty of girls around louisville that ride and alot of them are good lookn. i will have to post a pic later tonight of a busa a chick was riding at a bike event we just had.. zay


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Speaking of girls on bikes, I'm looking at an M50 for my wife right now. Saw a lowered one at the dealer, with exhaust, and an air cleaner, all black in color. Could not believe how low the center of gravity was, you could stand the bike up with little effort. Although you guys would feel it underpowered, my wife will feel like she is on a rocket ship after riding her 250 Rebel!


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(gnd111 @ Oct. 03 2006,08:59) I test drove that and the M109R.  Felt like the M50 was way to slow - like paint drying..
So how was the M109?

Looks like a burly beast.

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