Thinking about buying a busa need some input.


Hello everyone, let me start by saying I just started my account and for the past few months have been searching some topics about busa's and always ended up on this site. Let me start with some background on myself and situation...

I currently own a 2007 R6, I used to own a 2006 CBR 600rr, difference now is i am not all about speed. I am 25 years old and married and my wife wants to ride with me more often. I even got rid of my 2.0T car and now drive a 2.0 diesel wagon! I like to cruise and just chill out not a speed junky anymore.. Here is the deal, my wife wanted to ride with me one day, no big deal i thought. well lets just say she really liked it and wanted to ride with me more often. I did notice on my R6 that power was lacking with both of us on, was not very comfortable for her or myself. Here are my questions that I wanted to ask you here, as busa owners and also let you know what I plan to do with mine if I get one.

1. I commute about 75 miles a day, would a busa be more comfortable and for longer rides with my wife?
2. I love the stretch fat tire look ( i know another fan boy) my r6 has a 6 in stretch and lowered ( iam a short guy at 5'7 or so) I found a busa with a 300 rear tire kit already installed, for me doing mostly highway miles would i eat through tires like crazy? i am not a twisties junky or anything I like to just chill and go in a straight line on the highway.
3. maintenance cost? I have done most of the things on my r6 my self anything need to know specifically about a busa before I buy?
4. I am looking at a 2009 busa anything known with the gen 2?
5. Overall I want a bike that has a beautiful sport bike look and feel but that I can feel comfortable for 75+ miles a day and that I can take my wife with no issues... I dont mind anyone recommending other bikes but please not a harley, other cruiser I still love sport bikes and would like to get a cruiser maybe later.

thanks in advance to everyone and I hope maybe with this information from you guys I can pull the trigger and join the busa family!


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Not sure what you are looking at for a Gen II, but there is a white beauty with a touring beetle at package for sale here...


im not specifically looking for a gen II just happen to run across one for a pretty good deal. Like i said before i am more interested in how the bike is with a passenger and about the fact of having a fat tire but putting alot of highway miles.


It can cruise for more miles than you can endure very comfortably with 2 people and luggage on it. I have done the Dragon 2 Up, with no issues of lack of power ever at any point in those mountains.


well i hear a lot of things about the handle bars? like i said im fairly short 5'7 and i dont have long arms and i hear something about your arms being fully extended alot? and thats good to hear about two people, we dont plan on taking any days on road trips but living in texas going to san antonio or dallas is about 3-4 hours for me.


From the factory the bike is designed for a rider 5'6'- 5'9" and 160ish. Typical for the Japanese normal person. So the ergos should be about perfect right out of the box for you. For others, smaller or larger, these bikes have a TON of aftermarket fixes to make the ergos work better.

You should find this bike TONS and TONS more comfy than any 600 you have owned.

ky busa

a busa is in a different league you can do long days of riding with 2up as for maintance oil changes and tires they are 100,000 miles bikes if you take care of them


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My girlfriend is 5'5" ish and some times feels cramped when on the back for 4 plus hours. Even loaded with gear and a passenger it doesn't seem to notice the extra weight. The back seat will be a couch compared to your 600 and she will love that. There is a grip pad that can help your passenger stay put during hard breaking if necessary.

I if I am steady on the throttle I can average 50 mpg if I don't get ham fisted with the throttle.

Everyone has an opinion on tires and. Like my pirelli angles. I do a lot of interstate an I am the only sport bike in a pack of cruisers so I can flat spot the center in about 5000 miles.

When looking for a bike my uncle put it best when he told me, "A 600cc and a 1000cc can both take you to 150 but the 1000 won't be working nearly as hard."

Keep up on the service and she will thrill you for years.


thanks everyone.. im going to finish getting some things done on my 600 and list it for sale. I am going to be checking out a busa at a local dealer just to be able to sit on it and possibly ride it. thanks again guys!


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After riding that 600...don't hammer the gas too hard it will shock you and probalby take your gf off the back seat..just a friendly warning...


Get the BUSA!!!! My wife is 5'4" 120lbs, and she LOVES it! We do runs up to 3 hours with no issues. Install higher rated springs for your weight if needed, and get your suspension set. I ride canyons, so no Fat Tire set up for me. If just commuting, a recommend Michelin Power 3's. They stick, and you get good mileage out of them if you keep the proper pressure in them. There are aftermarket throttle locks you can install as well to combat wrist fatigue. TONS of Mods you can do to make your rides better and better!!

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