There is no place like .org with a sad Harley twist


Never Forgotten
Yesterday I was checking the local news back home when I saw an article about an accident that involved the president of the Chattanooga Chapter of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) and her husband. My buddy Don A. is always ribbing me about how HOG is taken when he sees anything with the Hayabusa Owners Group logo. My response is always if you can catch us you can have it:) Anyway I sent Don an email expressing sorrow about his local chapter President's misfortune. His reply was that he didn't know her. My thought is there is just no place like .org where we actually get together and get to know each other:beerchug: I think the term family has been used to accurately describe us:)

5/30/2009 - Injured Motorcyclists Listed As Jimmie And Floyd Devaney - Breaking News -