The Superbyke's Custom GSXR 1000 Tail Section Conversion


Since completing Raydog's (Doyle) bike with the turbo and cleaning everything up it has been said several times that the tail section is to fat for the slim downed front.

Well as you know these customs are never truly done, EVER!

Doyle and I felt the GSXR 1000 tail section would make the bike proportional to the rest of the bike and give the bike a real one off look and appearance that most would not be able to recognize.

Today I started to tear her down to make templates.

Here was the first template, I think it's way to high so I lowered it

Here is where I ended up for the day

I am going to see if I can make an adjustable set of brackets so that when people buy them they can put it where they want. Most likely if I can make it happen it will be two positions. At any rate the big plate of aluminum is going to be used to get bolt hole locations. Once I get everything where I like it I will program one for the CNC and cut one out with out all of the extra material. Going to try and make this work with a stock seat that you cut down.

There's no telling what you will end up with until it's done. If people are interested in following my progress let me know and I will keep the thread updated, if not I will continue to sing Christmas songs in the shop by myself and post the pics to FB instead.

Merry Christmas ORG
When it comes to modding out a busa I'm always interested my friend :beerchug:

You said 2 of my favorite words.... Custom and Busa :laugh:
keep us posted i like following builds on the other hand i like it wit the busa rear but hey if someone want to mod im all for it
Looking good sofar. Second one looks alot better with tail section lower.
I can say (after yesterday) that the "pointy hiney" looks SO BAD A$$ in person! I held out forever until finally, under great pressure and insults, Scott made me snag the tail for this further evolution of the Superbyke. Scott has too many good ideas and access points for purchasing cool stuff....I hate that. When this phase is completed, we will paint the bike (tank and tail). I'm still into the charcoal black OEM LE color. BEFORE this phase is even done, Scott is now talking about carving up a top tripletree piece to replace the Steigler/OEM existing one (it would really be cool to replace the multi piece system with one black annodized block of billet!). Stay tuned homies! Doyle
Working on the tail section today and I will have some updates a bit later of how I take a part from idea to concept.
Doyle has to be the biggest kid I know, you should see him when he is in my shop, s-h-i-t eating grin on face, rubbing his hands together like Mr. Miyagi and doing laps around the bike. At his age I am not sure he is ever going to grow up.

Good to see you yesterday buddy!

So here's how the prototyping process works for me, I first make a very rough template. Shown below out of some stock plate I had lying around. I marked some holes and hand drilled them. This gave me the ability to see where everything ended up and I could also get the desired angle of the tail section.

Next I put the GSXR sub frame in my CNC and got accurate bolt hole locations. I plot the coordinates of each hole in my notebook along with other notes, dimensions, material thickness, hole diameter, etc, etc.

Then I do the same for my crude template I built.

I put some precision dowel pins in the frame holes where the sub frame bolts up so I could accurate distances from the center of each hole to one another.

Once I have most of the desired info I start to plug it into my CAD/CAM software and come up with an initial drawing of what the first bracket will look like. Often times with stuff like this you have 2 to 3 and sometimes as many 4 prototypes before you are left satisfied with the final product. This one has lots of variables so I am sure I will waste plenty of aluminum.
:thumbsup: I hope by the time it's all said and done, we'll be able to get a kit from you. :-)
Say what you will, but after I finished for the day I came in had dinner with my girls, played a game for a bit. Once everyone split off into their own direction I got bored so I went back into the shop to work on this some more. I am just a motorcyclist with some passion, not a loser or a workaholic, I just really love doing this stuff!

First thing was to start laying down tool paths in the program. Once done this is what my part was going to look according to my software.

Next up was to cut some oversized and over thick aluminum. This is 3/4 bar, I believe at this point that the finished thickness of this part will be close to 1/2.

Tell my tools where they need to be for their offsets.

Spotting the holes, I went way to deep

All holes drilled and tapped

Roughing done

Operation 1 finished, looks just like my software

On the bike, it's pretty dam close to what I wanted! I need to finish operation 2 to really be able to tell how close I was. Once thing I really like about the part is once it's black (for this bike) it will blend the tail section line right into the frame line.

Close up, so what do you guys think so far?

Is this going to work on genII?
Is this set up going to allow you to keep your oem seat?

Is this going to work on genII?
Is this set up going to allow you to keep your oem seat?

There is a few other set-ups for this conversion that are very nice. That being said there are a few things I am not a fan of on the other kits. One thing was the amount of room from the tail hump to the gas tank, the other is the European pitch to the moon on the tail section, also the fact it doesn't have the ability to use a stock seat and of course the almost $1000 price tag I have seen on them.

My plan is to shorten up that seat area to something closer to the stock busa seating area, I already have the pitch/angle figured out and I am working on making it to be able to retain the stock seat with little modification. All this for what I am hoping will be half of the price tag.

That being said nothing is set in stone until I finish trying to figure everything out. There is a lot to figure out, battery tray, seat lock, passenger pegs, ecu location, and making all of the starting and main relays all fitting.

This kit may require modification for end users, it WILL NOT be a direct just bolt it up and go ride, but I will make it as close to that as possible.

GEN2??? Same mainframe if I am not mistaken and the sub frames may even be the same. Until I have a Gen2 in my hands and can tests fit it, it will be listed as a Gen 1 part. However there isn't any reason anyone couldn't make it work with a Gen2.

I totally agree with you about the "other" conversion kits out there and I am not a fan of them 4 the exact same reasons :whistle: I remember when I 1st heard and seen the conversion in a pic I was all 4 it. Bout time somebody redesigned the wheel so 2 speak. If these kits are half as nice as your custom reservoir covers your gonna have no problem moving these kits :thumbsup: