The power of toothpaste!

I never new this, but toothpaste makes a good chrome polisher/cleaner! Got rid of all of the water spots on my swingarm. Much cheaper than actual chrome polishers. Just sharing what I learned, lol. I think you can use it to fix scratched cd's too.


Evil Demon Busa Rider
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That's true. It's mildly abrasive and useful for metal. Don't use it on paint, though.

I'd forgotten about the toothpaste trick.



Hunting Kawasakis
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It is good for taking small scratches out of a pair of glasses. Note they must be glass I think you will end up with a frosted look if you do it to a pair of plastic lenses. Saw my grandmother do it all the time.


1 wheel up aero testing
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Good for filling picture frame holes in drywall too, as long as you get the white stuff...the paste with blue in it doesn't dry right.

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