The old slow starting problem


Hi all,
I know there has been this issue before, but here goes anyway.
I have a RY model busa, new starter (old one ripped apart), new starter solenoid, new leads from soleniod to starter, from starter to battery, two new batteries set in tandem(still 12v double amps), kept on Optimizer 900, charges to 13.6 v maintains at 12.6 v.
When the bike is running it is charging at 13.8 at idle to 14.6 at 5k, the starter clutch spins freely one one and locks the(correct thing to do I believe). It will start fantastic when cold, it runs lovely, but once I turn it off and try to restart it turns over really slow, sometimes it will just catch and fire up other times just will not start, I did have a PC 111 USB on but took it off, I am running hotter plugs 8's as it was running rich, I have seen a video on YouTube of an 02 seemingly the same symptoms claiming it was the starter clutch, but as stated mine spins freely one way and not the other. Any help please, running out of ideas and money.
I had the same problem...I went to a two battery 24v system, works like a charm. I tried increasing the amps first...and that didn't help, it's not the same effect as doubling the voltage.
Is that 24v just for the starter or the whole electrical system, either way is there a circuit diagram and mods required online anywhere?.
The only problem I find with the 24v system, is
The relay used is only 30amp, is that enough for a starter.
Will 24v damage the starter
But I main question is, it does not resolve the problem of why the bike would not start in the first place, .
:welcome: to the org! It's not the amperage you have to worry about, it's the Voltage. In a DC circuit like a car or bike the Voltage is most critical. (You want to double the Voltage to Aid in turning that thing over.) Example: If you hook up 2-12v-300AH batteries in series, you will have a 24v-300AH power source. The voltage is additive and the amp hours stay the same. If you hook them up in parallel, you will have a 12v-600 Amp Hour power source. The voltage stays the same and the amp hour increases by whatever the AH's are on the batteries. Like icemansid said, go to Tiger Racing and they have what looks to be a beautiful set-up for like 130 Bucks. If I did the 24v. thing, I'd probably use that same one. Easy install, all internally protected and switchable and No screwing around..AS ALWAYS....Just My Opinion..:beerchug: