Texas Mile Shopping List and Passing Tech


Alrighty, I am planning on the Texas Mile in October to hopefully break 200mph. I've already got a Johnny Cheesed Alienhead and some staps, so the power and traction should be there. From GotBusa?'s thread, it looks like I should add the following:

Chain Guard, Suzuki Hayabusa - Tiger@
Seal, Ram Air Tubes, Suzuki Hayabusa - Cycle Tricks@
Sprocket, Rear, Suzuki Hayabusa - Vortex@ (I'm thinking a 41 tooth?)
WWB Ceramic Wheel Bearing Kit Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa (08-13) - Schnitz Racing

I have a spare seat that I'm going to hog out to get myself lower, but I'm going to pass on the double bubble. I'm running the stock air cleaner, but I think I'll just pull that out completely and run the GSXR-1000 stacks. I'm also planning to use some zero weight oil for my passes.

I'm wondering can I still get MR9 fuel or is there a new replacement? Also, what all will I need to pass tech? I have full leathers, boots, gloves, helmet, and I'll wire the axles, drain plug, and oil filter, but I feel like tech may have gotten a bit tighter out there in the past few years (I guess we have to do licensing passes now?). Any comments, concerns, questions, or words of praise are welcomed.
You don't have to do the ram-air seals but I had already done everything else so that was next on my list. I've still got the short stacks if you want them? Don't remove the air filter unless you are tuned for it. Also, MR9 has been replaced by MR12 but again you've got to be tuned for it or you'll be wasting your time and money.

You will have to do some licensing passes and work your way up but that will be no problem. I also recommend it since the track isn't perfect and you'll want to get use to the conditions and shutdown before going 100%.

As long as your leathers and gear is up to snuff, just make sure your helmet is new enough M2005 or M2010.

Here is a link to the latest rules: http://www.texasmile.net/pdf/TexasMileRRTS_2013-2-Edition.pdf

Register ASAP because it sells out quick....otherwise,...be safe, have fun, and go FAST! :beerchug:
Man I would love to do this.
I've taken my speedo past 340KPH a couple times on the street,but who knows what that really was,no GPS.:banghead:
But I do have one now..:laugh:

I dont know shi7 about anything so all I can do is wish you luck for both speed and safety.

Speed:race:& Safety:please:

Good Luck Brother! I was going to do the Mojave mile but have to wait till next season . :(
Ordering the PMR killswitch. I'm mostly afraid I'm going to get all the way out there just to fail tech for some ticky tack reason.
You'll be fine! If you have it tuned at Johnny's shop he can go over everything with you. Otherwise, anything else can be done trackside if you do miss something... ;)