Temp Gauge at Red


If i stop the engine by kicking down the sidestand, for some reason or other, my temp gauge goes up to red (with the ignition on but the engine off). If i pull the stand back up, the temp gauge goes down to where it should be. Any one had the same problem? I read about it in the workshop manual but dont really understand why it should do that in the first place.
I can't get to my bike right now to check but I think it's normal.
I've never tried shutting the bike down with the kickstand, not recommended...
I can't for the life of me remember where I read it, but has something to do with the sequence in which it powers down the engine. It was harder on the engine and systems when not using the key. If I come across the article, I'll post it.
Well there you go. Laziness must have got the better of me and i guess it will be a hard lesson learnt if something goes wrong with the engine and its due to (of all things) the sidestand.

Thanks guys, I'll make sure i religiously use the key from now on...