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Hi Guys, hope someone out there can help. I brought a 2008 gen 2 bussa with 20.000 miles on it, accident damaged (had been rear ended, needed rear wheel and swinging arm) she had been parked up for 3 years and was in a mess. fitted new swinging arm and wheel, fresh petrol, new battery oil and filter and she fired straight up.
Sounded a little rough and small vibration through the bars, but not bad, ran her up to temp, fans kicked in just above half way on temp gauge, and revved up freely.
Thought time for a slow test run, pulling away felt really rough, almost misfiring at low revs, got into 2nd and she cut out, noticed temp gauge was in the red, (Check warning on the centre clock) turned key off and back on temp gauge at normal she started up, pulled away running rough (misfiring) got into 3rd and she cut out, temp gauge in the red again, ignition on/off temp gauge normal. pushed her home.
Took side panels, air box and plugs out, plugs fine (nice shad of light brown) air box and filter clean, checked coolant level and expansion tank, both fine, started her up, run up to temp fan cuts in just above half way on the gauge, ticks over ok ish just a little vibration.
No F1 light, No dealer codes, any idea where I go form here, apart from the mad house.

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Welcome! Did you check the fuel filter? Maybe flush the cooling system and change the thermostat?
Welcome to the oRg. :race:
I agree with above post, definitely pull the fuel pump out of the tank, have a good look inside the tank checking for rust etc, pour the fuel into a bucket and check for water, replace the fuel filter.
Fill with fresh fuel (highest octane available) and then check the cooling system.
Take rad cap off and warm engine up to operating temp.
Check for coolant circulation (use a torch and look for flowing movement in radiator) and keep topping up until the fans come on.
when the fans stop, top up and fit the rad cap.
If the thermostat is jammed shut, there will be no circulation and no flowing movement of the coolant when you look in thru the radiator opening.
Certainly sounds like fuel issues causing the rough running, and air trapped in cooling system causing the high temp gauge reading and fan coming on etc.
Good luck with your checks and let us know how you get on.


Thanks guys at the weekend I will change the thermostat, flush and bleed cooling system, with the tank off I will pull the fuel pump, inspect check and clean, changing the fuel filter at the same time, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Very happy that nobody has said it could be anything serious. I will update results.


Fuel filter £370 thats 370 UK pounds, wherever do they get that price from for a filter !!!!!!!! Suzuki want £70 for the strainer that looks like a tea bag. Think I will be doing the bypass trick and fitting an inline filter

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