TEKA Suzuki FI Adjusting tool


Hey I've thought about get a PCII or a yosh EMS. But I ran across this item and then remembered reading something about it on here. Twice as much as the PCII, but only about $100 or so more than the yosh. About the same as the yosh by the time you add all the yosh "optional" items. Anyone have one are familiar with anyone that uses one??? Is it worth $600?
Im still debating wheather to get a Teka SFI or Yosh EMS. I think the real advantage the teka has is that you can make adjustments anywhere, anytime. You just carry it in the hump with you. But, the acessories with the yosh are pretty cool, if i get the yosh, im getting the clutchless shifter with it, and maybe the shift light and map switch