Tank mounted camcorder

Guclu, I wish I would have waited to buy the Sony you have. I bought mine and then that one came out right afterward. Much better than mine.
I'm in the market for a HD camcorder as well... Is the Sony Vista compatible? I was also looking at the JVC which is....
Whatever you get make sure it's securely in place.

Almost lost my camera off the mount a few hours ago!

Thought I did everything right too.

Slowed down to observe and take note of the speed limit sign.
Did a little exercise by looking back to the left and then to the right for no reason.
Accelerated briskly to 40 mph.

Should have made sure that thumb screw was securely tightend!

Actually that split lock washer the mount comes with sucks...you think you get it tight but it's not all the way compressed. Think I'll try a ground washer tomorrow.

This evening's ride.
(Fate @ May 09 2007,17:43) I have a sony hdd too and BusaWhipped warned me about the heads not being able to operate properly on the bike. It can actually scratch the internal disk. Pm Busa Whipped and I am sure he could give you the low down on his two camera system. It is really cool.
This only applies to camera's with internal HD's. External HD's, if properly cushioned, don't have any trouble on a bike.

Both of my bikes vibrate significantly more than the Busa, and my 20GB iPod, (which is always cushioned by two layers of tank bag), is still running strong.